Monday, 3 February 2014

The Perfect Pamper Evening

This is very necessary. Pampering yourself, having a you evening is a wonderful thing to do and can set you up for the week. I tend to have a pamper evening once a week, usually on a sunday, but sometimes I will do it after a hard lesson of dance or a long day because it can honestly lift ones mood. For those who don't know what a pamper evening is, you're missing out! It's basically an evening about you, a time to 'beautify' yourself and relax, a time to reflect and think. Below I've written what I do when it's my pamper evenings, but obviously you change it to what suits you.

 ~ I will always start of my evening by running a hot bath, I like mine quite hot, baths are great because they allow you to relax and it opens up your pores, always have a glass of water or whatever next to you, I always have mine in a nice glass 
~ Set up your bathroom, place down the bathmat, place your pyjamas and then towel on a stool next to the bath, get a book or your phone, any little snacks because then everything is there and you don't have to continuously get out of the bath 
~ Candles! These are very important, I have two vanilla candles from the home ware store and then I use my vanilla Glass house candle, you can add as many as you like, but they are essential
~ Wash your face, get off all that makeup and softly cleanse your face, this allows your pores to open up and it is more beneficial, also take off nail polish (so you can do your nails later)
~ Put on a face mask, I use Lush's Mask Of Magnaminty
~  Once the bath is full place in a bathbomb (optional) You can always just put in bubbles, I usually do that, then get in 
~ Read a book, listen to music, just relax, I can usually only stay in for about 15 minutes because I get too hot, get out, wash off face mask and dry your self, moisturize, I use a Dove one and then get into pyjamas
~ Then do your nails, cut, file, paint etc and wait for them to dry

Thats it! That seems like a really long guide, but a pamper evening is pretty self explanatory. Honestly, do it, it's so nice.

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