Saturday, 8 February 2014

Macbeth // The Auckland Performing Arts Centre

My lovely and very talented friend Grace got into the Young Auckland Shakespeare Company which is a massive achievement and they performed 'Macbeth' by Shakespeare. I'm not a huge Shakespeare fan and I didn't actually know the story, and neither did Tahlia, Sam or Liv who all came along as well but we all enjoy drama and wanted to support our friend. And I am so pleased that I went, it was an incredible show because all of the actors and actresses were so talented, and when I say so talented, I mean there is good acting and then that, despite the fact we had no idea what was going on. The costuming was also wonderful. I decided to look at the story and I wanted to go again, but was unable to unfortunately. I think it's hugely worthwhile going to events like these because a movie you can see 100 times but a performance like this can only been seen as long as it's on. A huge congratulations to all the cast and crew on such an incredible show.  

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