Thursday, 30 January 2014

Restaurant Review // Manuka

20. 50. 70 times? I have been to this restaurant a lot, it's like a child hood memory. This restaurant is located in Devonport, we used to go there 24/7 when I used to live there. It is a lovely restaurant, they have a wide range of things, including breakfast/brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert as well as baking. I went to Devonport with my friend Sam, my sister and my grandparents on Wednesday and we decided to go to Manuka, I already knew what I wanted, I always ordered the same thing.... Pizza. Manuka pizza is beautiful, it's beautiful, crispy bases, delicious toppings, my favorites were the classic 'Hawaiian' and the 'Margherita' and especially the 'Tandori' pizza. Chicken, capsicum, mango chutney, cheese, onion and yogurt, oh my it was good. So I wasn't exactly gluten free, but we barely ever go there and I love, I really love that pizza so I shared one with Sam. Manuka is a restaurant I highly recommend, it's great for pizza ~ they do takeaway as well and the pizza prices range between $20 - $25. 

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