Friday, 7 February 2014

Hold It Yourself

Happiness is essential to life. You can't live your whole life unhappy. Of course we all go through rough patches, maybe it's a few weeks, or maybe it's a few years. And in those rough patches, you always feel as though you need someone, and you do. You need someone to hold you and listen to you and be there and help you feel happy again, and you can end up feeling as though they are the only person who can make you happy and you forget all the other good things in life. But you can't, you can not rely your happiness on someone, thinking that that person is the only thing that makes you happy. Well, what happens when the person leaves? Huh? They take your happiness with them. Yeah sure, you can have people that make you happy or make you smile or are involved with your happiness, but never give your happiness for someone to hold, 

Because they'll drop it.

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