Saturday, 15 February 2014

Auckland Lantern Festival

Every year in Auckland the Chinese Lantern festival is held. This year it was very popular, so much that nearly all the accommodation in Auckland was booked out. The girls and I decided to all go together, before the festival we decided to eat at Mexicali Fresh. What a great choice. Mexican is my favorite type of food and this place was amazing! There were many options including a taco bowl which Ruby had and looks extremely yummy, the drink were all delicious and the prices were great. There as a lot of talking and a lot of laughing. After that truly wonderful meal we made our way to the festival, it took us forever to make our way through the crowds and regroup in an open space. Isn't it ironic how the first place we went to were the food stalls even though we'd just eaten? we wanted the watermelon/pineapple ice cream floats ~ totally worth the half hour it took to squeeze through everyone! And even after that a few of us still got crepes ~ not so worth it. As it got darker the lanters got brighter and they are beautiful. And there were so many different ones, it really amazes you what people can do. If you haven't been to the lantern festival, go. I hope anyone who went enjoyed it!

With Kish

 With Rubes

 Soft tacos ~ chicken

 With Talz
With Lucy 
 Sofias Quesqadillas 

 The food stalls

 Jeffrey Campbells and Asos

 Talz and Lucy

 Watermelon with tropical ice cream 
Talz, Lucy, Ruby and Chenyang

Lucy, Talz and Sofia

The girls

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