Sunday, 23 November 2014


Theres something about this old Levis jacket which intrigues me deeply. This piece of denim was found in an op-shop in Paris, a shop which had the typical op-shop smell, small, no changing rooms, sequins, leather, denim, lace lined the racks. This jacket is actually mens probably explains why it's so big but also so comfortable. I think what intrigues me most about this jacket is the story of the person who wore it before me, were they French, how old were they, what year did they buy it, did they have their first kiss in it, first cigarette? Were they wearing this at a concert, in a cafe, cuddled up to a girlfriend or boyfriend, was it something they borrowed and never gave back? I've already made memories in this jacket and I want to pass it on to another so they can create memories in it. Maybe i'm just being nostalgic, but this worn piece of denim is something I love dearly,

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Youtube is something i've been considering doing since I really got into makeup, I watch tutorials and hauls and everything so often - it's quite ridiculous, but I think it is just another great aspect to have as a blogger. This video - just going to be honest isn't the best of quality, but I wasn't going to invest in a super good camera or lighting unless this seemed like a good idea or people enjoyed it - basically if you guys think there is potential.

So excusing the quality and the odd word muddle up, this is a light brown smokey eye and please feel free to comment or email me on my blog or message me on facebook (if you know me personally) but please don't give me bad comments and stuff if it's because of quality? Because I'm quite scared to post this 

- Soph x 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


With Colin Mathura-Jeffree

With the lovely Jarrad Godman - keep an eye out for this ones

Feeling the music beating, the cameras clicking, audience clapping, designers, bloggers, photographers, socialites, students all coming together for the viewing of these exquisite collections by the students of AUT. Smells of perfumes and colognes mix, individual styles showing a fashion show is a night people dress as themselves, a place where wearing what you want and forgetting the rules is highly encouraged. A place a girl of 5.11 can wear heels without feeling insecure. Mingling, chatting, photographing, watching, observing were the tasks I enjoyed last night. Including meeting Colin Mathura-Jeffree - a man I have loved since watching New Zealands Next Top Model. Blessed to be given the opportunities I have. 

this post is also on my fashion blog

- Soph x

Monday, 3 November 2014


So, i'm not crazy into fitness but summer is coming up and a toned figure is something i'm looking into. But I can't run based on a foot injury and I don't want to do hard core workouts, so when this workout came up on my instagram I decided to try it out. Short and sweet, not too hard but not easy breezy - at first anyway. 

10 push ups
30 crunches
10 burpees 
30 second plank
10 lunges each side 

I also usually add - 5 leg lifts and 20 sqauts. The good thing about this workout is that you can add what you want and you can also do more than it says, so as it gets easier - which it will, you can increase the amount of each exercise you're doing. This is just a good way to get your blood pumping and your lungs working. 

 photo found on tumblr : not mine 

- Soph x