Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Back To School // Organization

Back to school can be rather stressful and is something one can dread, but being organized always sets you up for a chance at a more successful term. I enjoy getting organized, I like writing out diaries and organizing stationary and lunches. You're better off getting organized a few days prior rather than the night before, because panicking is not great. Below I've written a few ideas to hopefully help you prepare and feel more organized for school in 2014. 

Get a diary ~ Diaries are an essential for school, you need to write down events, classes, homework, exam dates, sports, cultural activities, birthdays, reminders, appointments or anything note worthy. This keeps you feeling you prepared and you know some of what is happening in your life. My diary is a Collins 2014 black diary. 

Stationary ~ If your school is like mine you will most likely get a stationary list with all the things you need for your subjects, to get this I just went to warehouse stationary, when it comes to buying stationary, if you think you need it get it! Otherwise you will probably be wishing you had it. Always stock up on folders, I have these lovely white ones and also on blue and black pens. Be sure to try get stationary that you like, and get at least one nice pen, kikik have good ones. 

Homework planner ~ write up or buy a planner which would be suitable, these are great, it allows you to sort out time allocations for each piece of work, for example 'Monday: 4.30 English 1hr' just things like that really help you feel organized 

Organizing lunches ~ containers. Containers are so good at school, get lots of small/medium containers. Write a list of meal and snack ideas and stick them up in the pantry or on the fridge. I will do another blog post specifically on food. Depending on what you're having, you can probably prepare some parts of your lunch the night before so it's but a huge rush in the morning.

Study space ~ this is really important, I like having my own space with a desk and drawers for everything but I don't have one in my room anymore I have to use the one downstairs which I don't like all that much because it is shared by others, but if you can have your own study space, lucky you!! Get storage containers for pens/pencils and erasers etc and I'm unsure of what the proper name is for this item but I guess you could call them 'magazine boxes' for documents and folders. Also have your laptop and charger as well as anything else that suits you and make it look nice so it's somewhere you actually enjoy being in. Add photos, flowers, a toy, lamp, little accessories, use it as a makeup table as well, do what suits you. 

I hope this helps in making you feel more organized and ready for school this year, I hope it'll be a great one! 

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