Saturday, 11 January 2014

Super Smoothie

If you read my last post about going wheat free, you'll know it was a friend of my mums who told us about this, she also gave us a smoothie recipe, this is basically what she consumes for breakfast every morning. I usually do have smoothies, but, they don't tend to fill me up, so at school my stomach rumbles continuously and it is rather embarrassing. I will generally have this smoothie or 1-2 eggs in the morning. 

Berry Banana Super Smoothie
1 banana 
Mixed berries 
Clean Lean Protein powder ~ 2 scoops (NuZest) 
Good Green Stuff protein powder 1 teaspoon (NuZest)
Flaxseed oil ~ I just get the oil from the capsules 
Coconut water
Almond milk
Tiny bit of honey 
Chia seeds ~ 2 teaspoons 

I will be honest and say this smoothie isn't the nicest at first, it has a very strange taste to it, but, you do get used to it and it definitely fulls me up, so I do recommend this.

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