Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Bag Essentials

Everyone needs a handbag, I don't actually have a set one which I really want! I really want a large black leather handbag, but at the moment I use a large leather one from Country Road which is a peachy/orange tone. One needs to be prepared at all times, you never know what may happen, so it is rather important to have a well packed bag. 

Your bag should include:
Wallet (or money)
A good book
Phone + Headphones
Another bag (like a plastic bag) 
Sunscreen (if it's summer)
Safety pins (you never know)
Makeup bag ~ lady products, deodorant, any makeup, perfume, lip balm

I think thats usually what I keep in my bag! It is important for one to always be prepared for the worst. Have a lovely day 

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