Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Years Resolutions

I know this post is a bit late, but anyhow. Happy New Year! I honestly must say I am rather glad that it is 2014, 2013 wasn't one of my best years, I must say. But, I learnt a lot, a lot, I made some great friends and figured out who the not so great ones were, I did very well in dance including winning cups inside and out side of school, I made this blog, I started writing, I found new cafes, Shopped, found my style, there are too many things to name, but I am glad it's a new year to start fresh. New Years resolutions are something that I haven't done before, but I think it's good to write down your goals and what you hope to get out of the year. I have a journal which I write in all the time, and I did a page for 2014 and wrote down my resolutions, after writing them down I feel even more eager to accomplish them. I'm going to list my resolutions down, these are mine, don't laugh or doubt them because these are small things I have come up with to make this year a good one 

(not in any order)

1. Be healthy
2. Workout (run, swim, bike, yoga)
3. Study hard
4. Be independent 
5. No drinking, even if your friends do
6. Meet new people
7. Be nice to everyone 
8. Bake more
9. Get a job
10. Save money
11. Stay positive
12. Don't stress
13. Be creative
14. Travel
15. Read lots of books
16. Prioritize
17. Just do it
18. Improve makeup skills
19. Sew 
20. Be as fabulous as ever

This is the page in my journal,

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