Monday, 13 January 2014

You Have A Beautiful Mind

I have a real complication with people feeling as though being different is a negative thing. What is so bad about being a little different? Why the hell (excuse my language) would you want to be the same as everyone else? The same is usually boring. Imagine a world with no differences. Everyone with the same face, same hair, everyone wearing the exact same outfit with the same lip color, everyone the same height, buildings identical, as well as houses, pets, trees, how un-interesting would that be?

So what, if you think differently to the person sitting next to you?
So what, if your style is completely different from that group of girls over there?
So what, if you're really loud?
So what, if you're 6.ft and everyone else is 5.5 ft?
So what, if you like music others don't?
So what, if you dislike makeup?
So what, if you are a total nerd or smartass? 
So what, if you're against something everyone is for?
SO WHAT if you are different.

You shouldn't be afraid of being yourself, even if yourself is a little different from everyone else. You should be happy if you are unique. 

Don't you dare let anyone, anyone tell you different. 

photo ~ mine

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