Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Guilt Free Super Easy Pancakes

Something no matter how healthy I am, I will never be able to give up, is pancakes, oh man! The fluffy, hot delicious cakes, dripping in maple syrup, how can you not? But they aren't the best if you're eating healthily, obviously you can treat yourself to them now and then,  and also pancakes do include gluten which isn't great if you're gluten free (gluten free pancakes with all the different flours are way too complicated). I got this recipe from 'Blogilates' but I but my own twist on it, now this won't be the best recipe for you if you dislike banana or banana muffins/cake etc, but if you do love banana this is great for you! They are completely guilt free, carb free, gluten free, you get all the magnesium and benefits from the banana so it really is ideal for if you want something yummy that will treat your cravings. 

1 banana 
2 eggs
Plain or vanilla protein powder (I use 'clean, lean, mean protein')
Vanilla essence 
Cinnamon (optional)
coconut oil (too cook) you can use normal oil  

1. Mash the banana and crack in the 2 eggs
2. Add vanilla, cinnamon and protein powder and mix (the mixture will be lumpy)
it should look like this:
3. Heat a non stick frying pan and melt oil
4. Ladle a small amount into the pan (they're meant to be pikelet size)
5. You can sort of tell when they're ready, should be brown on either side:
6. Once the mixture is gone, slice up fruit of your choice and serve!

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