Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Pom Poms

Who doesn't love pom poms? I didn't even realize you could make them so easily until I found a photo the other day on instagram. Making these is quite time consuming, but it does give you something to do and they are so simple. You can make them small or large and in any color you fancy! After you've made one, you could make more and make them into something bigger or just make single ones, cats love them. 


                                1. Trace circles into cardboard and one in the centre and cut out 
2. Cut a very long piece of yarn and wrap around like shown in picture, wrap so it goes around the back and through the centre and repeat this, it should look like the third picture 

3. Wrap the yarn around at least twice more and tuck the end under a strand 
4. Cut the yarn and re-separate the two pieces of cardboard, snipping the yarn as you go right the way around so it looks like the third picture

If you run out of yarn whilst making the pom pom, simply, cut another strand and knot it on, then continue

The end result:

Don't worry if it doesn't turn out very well the first time!

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