Sunday, 19 January 2014

Mexico // Restaurant Review

This is most definitely one of my favorite restaurants! There are two located in Auckland, one in Takapuna and the other in Britomart. Mexico serves authentic, Mexican street food ~ so you're not getting your burritos and nachos etc etc. You get delicious soft tacos, exploding in flavor and they are very different to the usual, or the quesadillas which are so fulling and are great to share, and you can not go to Mexico without trying the best drink in the world ~ their Virgin Margaritas, it is everything good in a glass with a cinnamon rim. And it's not only the food and drink that is phenomenal, it's the interior and the atmosphere, it's so loud! You basically have to yell to one another and everyone is laughing and music is playing, the walls are covered in unique, beautiful Mexian designs and paintings and it just gives the restaurant this exciting atmosphere. 

Tortilla chips with beetroot dip (it was a special)  
Hallelujah, one of the yummiest things i've ever tasted

 Char grilled chicken quesadillas 

 The Goddess of all drinks ~ Virgin Margarita 
I promise you will be glad you got it!

 Some of the gorgeous photos, art and designs

Chocolate citrus tart with caramel ice cream

Now I am usually gluten free, but I mean come on? I will not turn down quesadillas from Mexico! I highly recommend this for a family meal or a large group.

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