Thursday, 30 January 2014

School // Breakfast, Lunch & Snack Ideas

I always get hungry at school and I have the type of stomach that makes noises (really loud noises) when I'm hungry, which is generally just embarrassing. So, eating healthy but satisfying food is very important, it also needs to be food that provides you with energy, brain power and the nutrients that are necessary. Don't starve yourself at school please, it makes it extremely hard to focus and therefor learn, so always eat something. Firstly, you need to be organized storage wise, have a good lunch box as well as lots of small and medium containers. I have gotten nearly all of my containers from 'Sistema' they are very handy and very simple and come in a large range of shapes and sizes. Another good thing to do is to prepare things the night before, for example, you could slice up veggies (carrots, cucumber etc), put nuts into a container, get out certain items. Storing things in the freezer is a great thing to do, especially with baking. I feel like this post is a whole heap of ideas written down in a paragraph, ah well. I will do gluten and gluten free options

Breakfast Ideas:
Muesli with yogurt and fresh fruit (simple but it fills you up)
Toast with nut butter (it is amazing if you add banana and you get that extra protein) 
Fried egg(s) 
Muesli/yogurt/fruit parfait ~ simply layer your ingredients in a tall glass and eat
My banana pancakes (recipe on blog, look in recipe section)
Sophias Super Smoothie (recipe on blog, look in recipe section)
Scrambled eggs with whole grain toast  

Personally, I've never been one of those people who can just eat and apple and go, I get hungry. My usual breakfast is my 'Super Smoothie' or 2 fried eggs and I alway, always pair it with an almond milk cappuccino, I cannot start the day without my coffee! 

Snack Ideas:
Mixed nuts (almonds, pistachios, brazil nuts, cashews, walnuts) 
Sliced apple with cinnamon 
Mixed berries 
Raw muesli bar (these are not very nice but I eat them anyway opps)
Sliced cheese and crackers (or just the cheese)
Low sugar yogurt
Vegetable sticks with hummus 
Mixed yogurt and fruit
Yeo Valley probiotic yogurt suckys (i recommend strawberry)
3 pieces of dark chocolate 
Homemade baking 
Dried fruit (apricots, cranberries etc)
Popcorn (with no flavoring, it's actually not at all bad for you)
Banana chips
Apples and peanut butter

Lunch Ideas:
Quinoa salad ~ add vegetables and chicken or any other meat, this is rather filling
Roast Vegetable salad ~ We always do a big plate of roast vegetables at the start of the week, put them into a salad with spinach, olive oil and feta is always nice
Simple salad ~ Just any salad veggies you have plus some meat 
Sandwich ~ Whole grain bread with protein (chicken, lamb, beef) and vegetables (lettuce, tomato)
Pita pocket ~ Spread hummus and add chicken, falafel or other meat along with grated carrots, lettuce and other items of choice
1 avocado (you'll need snacks to accompany it)
Tuna salad ~ Tuna, spinach, hard boiled egg, tomato and onion 
Brown rice mixed with chicken and salad vegetables
Gluten free pizza 
Wrap ~ same ingredients as sandwich or pita
Pasta salad 

Always make sure you have a full drink bottle of water and you drink at least two of them at school. If you need a snack between classes, almonds are always great. I hope this has given you some ideas, oh and our school isn't back yet that's why I'm talking about preparing for back too school now! 

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