Sunday, 19 January 2014

Great Movies

I do enjoy watching movies and I have a large number of favorites or movies which I really enjoyed. I've decided to list them because wanting to watch a movie, but not knowing what to watch is really frustrating! These are not in any particular order.

Devil Wears Prada
Confessions Of A Shopaholic
Love Actually
The Great Gatsby 
The day after tomorrow 
The Avengers
Harry Potter
Sex And The City
The Notebook
Shutter Island
Love and Other Drugs
Angus Thong and Perfect Snogging
The little mermaid 
Anna Karenina
Valentines Day
Mission Impossible
Spider man movies
Sherlock Homes
Bride Wars
The proposal
The Holiday
Catch me If you Can
Whats Eating Gilbert Grape
Basketball Diaries
Letters to Juliet
Wild Child
Pirates of the Caribbean 
Alice In Wonderland
Schindlers List 
The Princess Diaries
This Is Us
13 going 30
Just My Luck
When A Stranger Calls
White House Down
The Day After Tomorrow
Olympus Has Fallen
Mean Girls
Legally Blonde
The Lord of The Rings (I just enjoy looking at orlando bloom)
Bad teacher
Friends with Benefits
Hunger Games
Now You See Me
The Prestige
Virgin Suicides 
Perks Of Being A Wallflower 
500 days of summer
Breakfast Club
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory 
War Horse
Easy A

Yes, okay, I think I may just have listed enough! I've probably forgotten heaps.