Friday, 28 March 2014

Russian Ballet // Don Quixote

I was fortunate enough to go view the Russian Ballet perform Don Quixote on Friday night with my dance class for school. I love going to the ballet, it is one of my favorite things and every ballet. I find myself sitting their, enchanted by the way the dancers move, so fast, agile but then they move so smoothly and make barely any sound - it amazes me. The multiple turns they perform around the room without fail, the way they hold the same position for around two minutes, the way they leap. And the costumes, I loved the costumes in this ballet - the gorgeous tutus and various skirts etc along with the gorgeous set and beautiful music it really made this ballet great. I did ballet for several years including point which is probably another reason I enjoy watching ballets so much, I did ballet about three times a week plus body conditioning and other dance classes, those dancers would have trained 24/7 yet they make it look so simple. What did worry me a bit was how skinny those dancers were, you could see every bone in their chest and on their backs, arms as well - it was worrying but ballet dancers are built that way, incredibly small. And I know i'm not the only one who thought this, the male dancers have the most amazing bottoms, like can I please have your squat routine? And to make it better, I got to enjoy it all with some of my favorite people. Over all it was a magical performance which I would happily go see again.

The stage - we were rather close

 Sophie, myself, Imogen, Maisy and Merle - gorgeous girls 

 The Aotea Centre 
 Well I'm just a bit tall 
My outfit - post will be on fashion blog (link at top of blog) 

- Soph x 

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