Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Japanese Browns Bay

Browns Bay is one of the best places to go for food, they have a little bit of everything. Lucy, Livy, Helena and I all went out for a late birthday dinner for me to this delicious Japanese restaurant. Japanese food is one of my favourites but I am quite particular, I have a few favourite restaurants and this is definitely quite top of the list. We ordered, edamame, dumplings and a gorgeous crispy noodle salad to start us off along with ginger beers and coke zeros which came in proper beer glasses. Three of us ordered teriyaki chicken on rice, which came with miso soup, some of the best teriyaki I’ve ever had, and I’m sure the others would agree. There was a lot of laughing and tears (the good sort) I choked on my ice, Lucy licked a Japanese pickle – will not be doing that again, Helena had never had Japanese before, it was a lot of fun and Livy could speak some Japanese! 

- Soph x

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