Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Mekong Baby

My apologies as this is a rather late post, but for my birthday dinner on Sunday, yes last sunday we went to a restaurant in Ponsonby, Auckland called Mekong Baby. One of the best places i've ever been too. The interior is very modern and fresh, the photos didn't capture it as well as I'd hoped and the food is Vietnamese and is incredible. All the dishes are extremely quick and are presented exquisitely. You order many different items and share, I think from memory we ordered around 6 dishes. 

 A delicious mock-tail 
 Chicken, pink grapefruit salad - so refreshing and yum

 You can't really see, but there is this amazing meat under the coleslaw
 Coolest bathrooms 
Nicest dessert ever - chocolate Mousse with hokey pokey and kaffir lime leaves

This isn't the cheapest restaurant, but it is very much worth it, a truly amazing Restaurant!

- soph x

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