Friday, 7 March 2014

Feeling Lost

In a world as big and as scary as our own it is very easy to loose your way and feel incredibly lost. Through life, we will always trip up, head in the wrong direction and loose our way, that never ends but I think the teenage years in terms of feeling lost are some of the worst. Teenage girls, what do we love to do? We love to talk, about anything, everything, we hear something about someone, we'll most probably discuss it with someone else who then will discuss it with someone else and through time the story will change and will end up with something completely different to how it started, things like this create problems. As girls we don't only tell things, we hear things and some of the things we hear are things we would have never imagined, things no one would want to hear. And once you've heard things like these, you usually start to think about your life and you suddenly find all these other little things and that's when the issue of trust comes in. Yeah, you know that girl, the one you trusted so much, the one who you never thought would do something like that to you? she did. How do you feel? Lost right? Angry? Hurt? Confused? And what about all those other people, did they do the same thing? You go over it and over it again, and again and the more you analyse it the more lost and scared you feel. And you tell yourself "I don't care what people think of me" but I know that deep down, you do care, and that you are hurting and that you don't know what to do.

I honestly don't know the answer myself. But I do know, that people have to earn your trust, never just give it to them. And even then, don't tell them everything, don't put all your trust in them, because you'll end up getting hurt. It's a harsh world, but as long as you find the good things, find light at the end of the tunnel, it should be be alright, things should get better. 

So here's a list of good things:

-       Long car drives early in the morning or late at night
-       A cool breeze on a hot day
-       Having someone you know you can always depend on
-       Laying on comfy grass and listening to all the sounds
-       Listening to music loudly on a bus with your head laying against the cold glass
-       Catching eyes with that one person
-       Sales
-       Being a first choice
-       People who remember the little things
-       Cats
-       Breakfast in bed
-       A smile from a stranger
-       An embrace that lasts a little longer than usual
-       Getting flowers
-       Applause
-       Getting a higher mark than expected on a test
-       Pizza
-       Beautiful sunsets and sunrises
-       Feeling wanted
-       Massages
-       Tacos or any Mexican food
-       Getting a handwritten letter
-       Long phone conversations
-       Dancing stupidly to cheesy songs
-       People who are always warm
-       Laughing so hard you cry
-       Holding someone’s hand
-       Finishing a book
-       The feeling of sand between your toes
-       Ice cream
-       Compliments
-       The words ‘I Love You’ but only when you know they really mean it
-       Harry styles
-       Rom Coms
-       That shoot of electricity when you touch that one person, or when you brush up against them/ make contact with them
-       Good photos
-       Watching a movie over and over
-       Orlando bloom
-       Falling in love with a celebrity or character
-       The smell of library books
-       Pick up lines
-       Milkshakes 

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- Soph x

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