Friday, 21 March 2014

"I'm Fine"

"I'm fine" isn't an emotion. or a feeling. "I'm fine" is a cover up. It's a cover up for when you're sad or depressed or confused. It's the thing you say when you don't want to tell someone how you're really feeling or when you don't want to annoy them with what's really going on. This post isn't about me, I just wanted to make sure people know that when your friend or when someone you care about just says "I'm fine :)" don't believe them. No matter how many times they tell it to you. "I'm happy" "I'm great" "I'm good" "I'm sad" "I'm confused" "I'm worried" those are emotions, when someone says "I'm fine" something will usually be going on but even then when someone says "i'm good" make sure that's the truth, don't just drop it, you need to help them and find out what's wrong. This was a short post but I hope I got a message across. 

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- Soph x


  1. May have been a short post but it was full of truth!

  2. i love this post!! so so true! id love it if youd check out my blog and comment back xx