Monday, 31 March 2014


Accepting. Acceptance. What is it? Through our lives every one of us is involved in acceptance. The first type of acceptance is the acceptance of others, learning to accept someone isn't always easy, but it's something we all need to learn to do. For example, if you discover your friend is gay, you may be a person to isn't too comfortable with that but you need to learn it's not up to you which gender they're attracted to so you need to accept them. Second one is being accepted by others, I'm sure everyone of you reading this have felt rejected or unwanted at some point? Others need to learn to be accepting of not only you but the qualities you possess. The second one is accepting yourself - get comfy because this may take a while. There are certain things you have to accept then others you shouldn't. Say, you're super lanky, and you can't change that, accept your lankyness! Or, you're a extremely sensitive person, don't be ashamed of that, you need to be acceptant of that quality. So those are the sort of things I'm talking about accepting. But say you're overweight and you're unhappy with that, don't accept it? Change it. You suck at English? Don't accept it, work hard to change it. You have a dream that everyone else says is unrealistic, don't you dare listen to then, if dreams were meant to be realistic what would the point of dreaming be? 

I hope you see my point, we need to learn what to accept because acceptance is something important in our lives.

You can't accept others until you first accept yourself

- Soph x 

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