Thursday, 13 March 2014

Elizabethtown // Movie

Elizabethtown. Strange name for a movie? One of the best movies I have ever watched. Orlando Bloom is my love (along with Leo D and Harry S) so i've been watching many movies he's been in, Elizabethtown happened to be one, this movie isn't very well known I don't think.

 "After causing the Oregon shoe company he works for to lose hundreds of millions of dollars, Drew Baylor (Orlando Bloom) is fired for his mistake, and promptly also dumped by his girlfriend, Ellen (Jessica Biel). On the verge of suicide, Drew is oddly given a new purpose in life when he is brought back to his family's small Kentucky hometown of Elizabethtown following the death of his father, Mitch, as it falls to him to make sure that his dying wishes are fulfilled. On the way home, Drew meets a flight attendant, Claire Colburn (Kristin Dunst), with whom he falls in love, in a romance that helps his life get back on track..." 

This is the sort of movie where the plot summary is quite different to the movie, but i'll tell you this, this movie isn't some slobby, perfect love story, yes it's a romantic comedy but in a different way. My favorite scene is where they spend all night talking on the phone and then when Orlando goes on a road trip she planned for him. Plus, Orlando Bloom makes the movie incredibly enjoyable to watch because he is absolutely gorgeous. I can't help it. The movie has so many great songs in it as well. If you're looking for a funny movie with a whole lot of twists and romance that'll give you a bit of a boost, watch this! 

One of my favorites.

- Soph x

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