Monday, 3 March 2014

Here To Help

Recently, I have realized that through time I have developed a need. A need to be there for people, to be there for people to talk to. Not because I need drama in my life, not because I want to feel as though I’m part of something, not because I’m nosey, but because feeling as though you’re alone, that no one is there for you or to talk to you, is one of the worst feelings in the world and to think that someone is suffering really upsets me.

So please. If any of you, being that I know you or not, if you’re struggling with something, you’re feeling lost or you just need someone to chat with, feel free to email me about anything. If you want it to be kept confidential just put ‘confidential’ in the subject bar, I will speak of it to no one, I swear. Tell me anything; I will help you as best I can and don’t joke around with it, don’t be stupid. I created this email adress specifically for my blog

Email me lovelies,

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