Sunday, 15 December 2013

Favorites // Music

I love music, I always listen to it when i'm doing chores, working out, baking, walking, sitting, going to sleep, choreographing. I love how it can get my mood up or get me moving as well as making me think  and relax while drifting off to sleep. I love a whole range of music, I wouldn't say I have a specific taste, I mean, I still love some oldies and my disney songs as well as new songs. But these are just some i'm loving at the moment, I especially love The Cab and All Time Low and Can't Help Falling In Love ~ Ingrid Michaelson. 

Alone Together ~ Fall Out Boy
Arabella ~ Arctic Monkeys
Do I wanna know? ~ Arctic Monkeys
I wanna be yours ~ Arctic Monkeys 
Fluorescent Adolescent ~ Arctic Monkeys
Snap Out Of it ~ Arctic Monkeys 
Backseat Serenade ~ All Time Low
Merry Christmas Kiss My Ass ~ All Time Low
If These Sheets Were The States ~ All Time Low 
The Reckless and The Brave ~ All Time Low 
To Live and Let Go ~ All Time Low

She's So Lovely ~ Scouting For Girls
Kissing You ~ Des'ree
Love Is Blindess ~ Jack White
A drop in the ocean ~ Ron Pope
Girls and Boys in Love ~ The Rumble Strips
Bohemian Rhapsody ~ Queen or Glee

Animal ~ The Cab
Living Louder ~ The Cab 
Bad ~ The Cab
Endlessly ~ The Cab
Grow Up and Be Kids ~ The Cab
Intoxicated ~ The Cab
Vegas Skies ~ The Cab
Angel With a Shotgun ~ The Cab
Hallelujah ~ Jayme Dee cover
O Children ~ Nick Cave and the Black Seeds
Girls ~ The 1975
{Midnight Memories Album}
Can't Help Falling In Love ~ Ingrid Michaelson

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