Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Christmas Spirit

Hello my lovelies, it is nearing Christmas which is my favorite celebration! I am one of those people that get way too excited for Christmas and i love anything and everything Christmas-y (don't think that's a word). Here in New Zealand it's summer at Christmas, I often wish I could be somewhere like England for Christmas because it snows and there is a different mood and it is just so much more festive! I think we should be walking around in Christmas jumpers with Starbucks, but it's a bit too hot for that. It is now December 11th, so I have decided to write a little post on ways to get into the Christmas spirit because I think that is of high importance when it is this close to Christmas!

Christmas Tree ~ You can't have Christmas without a tree! Putting up the tree is honestly such a damn chore especially because ours is fake so we have to assemble it, but once you get to putting up te decorations it gets fun. We usually use red and gold decorations, sometimes there's a bit of silver or white in there but my sister and I also both have boxes of our own Christmas decorations which are of all sorts. I think once your tree is up, you will instantly be feeling more christmas-y 

Christmas Songs ~ Everyone needs Christmas music, whether it's an album of the classics, Michael Buble or Glee (we have all three). Pull them out of your draws or go buy an album for goodness sakes! I know all the songs off by heart and hearing them always puts a smile on my face and I can't help but dance to them, I think listening to Christmas songs instantly makes everything feel christmas-y, Christmas isn't Christmas without the songs 

Christmas Cooking ~ ugh the food and the food and the food and did I mention, the food? I honestly eat so much at Christmas. Ginger bread biscuits, meringues, chocolate, mince pies, turkey, roast vegetables, ham off the bone. I love to bake with my mum all the Christmas goodies, we usually do this while listening to the Christmas songs and we always make such a mess, but that's all part of the fun!

Christmas Shopping ~ I love to shop. shopping is my cardio. Christmas shopping is very stressful but I love it, I love planning what to buy everyone. I managed to order most of my presents from Urban Outfitters this year but I will still be stressing at the mall and getting more prezzies. It's getting closer and closer to Christmas, which means the shopping centres are getting more and more hectic, I always write lists so you can get in and get out as fast as possible

Room Decorating ~ This year, I have decided to decorate my room for Christmas. I haven't yet because i'm just so busy, but I have planned what I'm doing. I am decorating it with fairy lights and Christmas-y candles, I have also stuck up all my christmas cards from my beautiful friends on the side of my book case. I am also going to put up Christmas-y looking flowers and other decorations, i really wanted a miniature tree, but I don't have anywhere to put it

I hope this helped and I hope you are all getting into the Christmas Spirit!

christmas tree emoticon 

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