Tuesday, 30 June 2015


I recently spent my Saturday catching up with the funny and simply stylish, fashion and lifestyle blogger - Antoine of http://antoineogilvie.com/, we have been discussing the exciting topic of collaboration so be sure to stay tuned for that! 

Upon meeting we both came to the realisation we were dressed in a monochromatic manor, sporting white, grey and black - boring? Possibly, but the simplistic tones are so important to have in ones wardrobe all year round, an easy transition from spring to winter with black jeans, white jeans, grey jumpers, black jackets, white shirts, grey skirts, black boots, white sneakers, black dresses. One can, in my mind, never own too many monochrome pieces. 

Antoine Wears
Pants ~ limited edition Hallensteins Zespys
Top ~ Antione Ogilvie velvet scrunch neck sweater
Jacket ~ Calivin Klein 

What I'm Wearing
Top ~ Country Road
Jeans ~ Dr Denim 
Shoes ~ Topshop 


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