Wednesday, 3 June 2015


Don't you love it when you find new good music and if you're like me you'll do a *repeats the song 100 times until I get sick of it* *still doesn't get sick of it*, well finding new music is possibly one of the best moments so I thought why not drop down some of my current loves
Sex Sheets ~ Max Milner
The Beast ~ Angus and Julia Stone
Tear In My Heart ~ Twenty One Pilots
Another Night on Mars ~ The Maine
Big Jet Plane ~ Angus and Julia Stone 
Footloose ~ Footloose 
Fake ID ~ Footloose 
Someday, Someday ~ Thirsty Merc
Knockin' on heavens door ~ Bob Dylan 
I can't make you love me ~ Bon Iver 
Begin Again album 

Enjoy a little listening!


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