Wednesday, 3 June 2015


This smartly boxed product has been at the top of my 'makeup wish list' for more than a while and I decided it was almost certainly about time - with my lucky little Westfield voucher to pick one up. What a glorious day that was, the day my life got just a little bit better as I was now the proud owner of an AC ON TOUR Contour kit consisting of 6 items. A light pink shade (I have no use for this one), a pale yellow shade - used for under the eyes as it produces a brightened effect - I use this over my LA Girl pro conceal, then a shimmery highlighter, the next row down consists of a bronzer, next a greyish-brown shade - I use this to Contour my face as the greyish colour is the colour presented when shadows naturally hit ones face and lastly an red/orange tinted bronzer which I use for bronzing my face. This product was definitely worth the price and I highly recommend it - be sure to pick one up !

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