Wednesday, 18 February 2015


hello hello hello

sorry for my absence but my life is a life of busyness currently! Having gone back to school I have dived into my NCEA and have been studying my little but off and have also been out with photographers, friends and fam and I have camp next week so whoooo busy busy but that's how I like things to be!

So I was in Sydney for the One Direction concert the other weekend and I had the best of times, we were staying in an apartment off the colorful and diverse Oxford street which was interesting in the positive sense, we made our way around the main attractions in the beautiful Sydney (Harbour, bridge, Opera house, Rosebay, Bondi, the big westfields etc etc..). Much shopping, eating and admiration of hot aussie boys was applied. 

The highlight for me was most definitely the famous Bondi, possibly due to the fact I have been obsessed with Bondi Rescue for years! But it is increddibly beautiful and full of cafes, shops and interesting people. One could never be bored at Bondi. And I also got a cute snap with an even cuter lifegaurd (I may or may not be in love).

I adore traveling, and I am in love with the thought of places i've never been, people i've never met, food i've never tried and sights i've never seen. The world is a beautiful place meant for exploration and in my theory of life being similar to a book I want to continue in the task of filling up my pages and making it an interesting book. 

Our apartment view 


Art at Bondi

Strollin' the Sydney streets 

Bondi junction a.k.a heaven

soph heaven


trip highlight = harrison reid 

best chocolate milkshake 

this building needs to replicate itself in auckland


my third concert and it was dead amazing

Sydney looking fineee

Bondi looking top notch

Cactus haven

Valentines day with bae 

rooftoppin' with my friend Ben



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