Saturday, 10 January 2015


What an odd and despicable thing for someone to love themselves. 

How wrong is it that that girl thinks she's pretty.

It's just terrible that guy thinks he's hot. 



There is a difference between self love and vanity. Self love is loving and appreciating yourself, self love is looking in the mirror with confidence, self love is loving the good things about yourself wether it be your luscious hair, stunning brown eyes, full lips, your singing ability, your intelligence, your legs but also accepting the flaws. 

Vanity is thinking your hair is more luscious than everyone else's, your eyes are more stunning, your lips are more full, you're a better singer, you're smarter, you have better legs. Vanity is thinking you're more worthy or better than another being. 

You can't win in this world. If someone loves themselves and compliments themselves they're seen as cocky or stuck up or self obsessed, but if someone doesn't love themselves they're seen as needy and attention seeking. So what are we meant to be? 

So think next time, maybe you're not confident with yourself - it's not something to be ashamed of, self respect and love comes in time as you discover yourself. And if you do love yourself and you're confident with who you are - that's great also. So don't put a person down because they love themselves, but also don't give someone a hard time if they don't, we are our own beings and we decide. 

Have a lovely day

- Soph x

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