Monday, 23 March 2015


As many of you know I am a true lover of fashion shows, the people, the style, the personalities, the talent and the addicted and empowering buzz. This was my first time to attend the Fashion Sessions, an event where you can either pay for VIP seating and a goodie bag or just stand and observe, I attended two shows.


This colourful and unique show of style was on at 1.00 and I had intended to just observe from a standing position but I ended up being offered a VIP seat and goodie bag which was full of desirable products - I was feeling incredibly blessed. 


The WORLD show was full of exquisite and unique pieces, presenting lots of colour and patterns upon stunning models. My friend Jarrad Godman came to observe this show with me, if you do not know his work - you should. I was lucky enough to be able to attend the pre-show event for a short time with my good friend Cam who is incredibly talented and held a media pass, he introduced me to some photographers I really liked and I bumped into a few friends. You always bump into so much talent at these shows . 

I will hopefully be attending many fashion shows to come and possibly be gaining a media pass here and there.  

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