Saturday, 3 May 2014

There And Back Again

After a 12 hour flight back to Singapore followed by what seemed like a forever lasting flight to Auckland, I arrived home from my three weeks in France - apologies for the lack of posting.

I seem to live with the disability to some things up, so when I tell you about something you result in having to open your ears to the whole story - that is why I shan't describe my French adventures to you, unless we're in person and you have about an hour to spare.

What I will talk about, was how this trip made me realize that I don't want to be stuck in one place for the rest of my life. The thought of going through life living the same routine, seeing the same people, eating the same food, experiencing the same things, constantly makes me feel bored. But the thought of waking up in an apartment in Paris, opening the shutters and breathing in the fresh air and seeing all the people moving, the streets buzzing, the sun seeping through onto the floor, working out the metro excites me and inspires me, Paris is somewhere I could stay in for years. Paris suits me, I feel as though I belong there. Comfort lies in going somewhere in which nobody knows who you are or what you've done. I had previously been very bored and unsatisfied with my life before this trip, quoting a fellow blogger "I feel like i'm existing but barely living". Turns out those three weeks were exactly what I needed, to get away - out of the same routine, to be put in completely new scenarios and experience new things, make the most of new opportunities and take risks. Walking down those Paris streets made me realize how I need to work hard to be able to come back here, to explore my favorite city once more and fall in love with it all over again.

Throughout this trip I had met so many new people and made so many new friends, as well as getting closer with some I didn't know hugely well prior. I have grown more confident and independent and have matured a bit, my willingness to work hard has also developed.

Thankyou to all those who were involved in this journey,

This was taken in Paris
The Notre Dame 

Inside the Versailles Castle

Outside Versailles after waiting 2 and a half hours with Maddie and Fraser 
With Jamie at Versailles 
Maddie and I in the Versailles gardens - I didn't get photos because my phone died
On the Eiffel Tower 

My friend who I met in Paris called Matt 
Grace and I in Dijon - Dijon is very cute 

In our beloved hotel room in Dijon 
Jamie and I at the top of the Eiffel Tower
A modern art museum in Montpellier 

Maddie and I with ben and jerry's

A lolly shop in Carcassonne

The Pont Du Gard bridge 
A palace in Avignon 

French markets 
This stunning lagoon 

In Nice
Nice's stunning beach 

This is a famous hotel in Nice where lots of celebrities stay, including Leonardo Dicaprio 

In Vence 

Back to Paris - it's stunning when it rains 

The Eiffel Tower on the train 
L'arc de Triomphe 
View from l'arc de triomphe 

Did a bit of damage...
The Louvre Museum
Famous painting in the Louvre 
The Mona Lisa 

A lock bridge 
On our boat trip 

The Eiffel Tower at night 
In the morning at our favorite hostel - it was beautiful 
The science museum 

Our second hostel in Paris 
Our beautiful view 
I fell in love with this balcony bit 
One of the many French girls we chatted to 
With my favorite French friend - Naomi 

A famous patisserie 

- Soph x

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