Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Study Tips

So, i'm not sure about you but for me I have my mid-year exams coming up in a couple of weeks and it's study time again. If you're anything like me, you may be constantly distracted, find it hard to focus and have 100 other things going on, so I think I may be able to help myself at the same time as helping you (I hope). I've been thinking over study tips and here's some of what I came up with, but before I write anything you may do things differently to me, i'm not a study expert.

Gather Resources 
First things first, you need to collect the resources you need. Here's what I propose, write up a table like the one below,

For each subject write what the exam is on, then in the next column write what resources you need, then in brakets write what you need to do in order to get those resources. I think that this really helps you feel well organized and you don't have to waste time printing etc..

Create A Study Timetable 
Before I began studying I went to Kiki K and got a 'weekly planner' to use as my study timetable, for each day I have written what subjects i'll be studying, the length of time and what i'll be studying for that subject, as well as writing in other commitments like dance, running, social things. I think a study timetable is sort of essential to studying, even if you change things, for example I had it down to do a half hour of business, but I ended up needing about 50 minutes.

This is my study timetable, as you can see i've circled my other commitments in green and bullet pointed study things in pink and the orange arrows are breaks.

Good Study Environment 
Everyone is different, you may prefer to study in your room rather than a study or at the dinner table rather than your room but there are some things that are the same. Be somewhere with little to no distractions, if there are lots of people and noise you won't be able to focus similar to if there is a TV on or if you have facebook or instagram open. Personally, I study downstairs at a desk in the kitchen/lounge area, my family is down here but they tend to leave me be or keep quiet when I study.

So I always used to be the sort of go on my laptop until 11.00 pm sort of a person, until i went to France for 3 weeks and went straight to bed every night and got out of the habit and I can tell you - it helps so much. Getting to sleep before 10.30 makes me feel so awake and generally more positive throughout the day so getting an earlier night is beneficial overall as well as for studying, taking in and memorizing information.

Don't starve yourself when it's study time, don't go on a no carb, no sugar, no protein diet because you need all of that in order to firstly sustain a healthy diet unless you've got all the facts, but you need it in order to learn and study properly. To start of the day eat a healthy but more satisfying breakfast, followed by snacks at break times, a fulling lunch and an afternoon snack followed by dinner. You should be eating 5 meals a day when it's study time. Here's some suggestions:
- Muesli + fruit + yogurt
- Egg + toast 
- Wholegrain toast + penut butter 
- Smoothie (make sure you have banana and protein powder in there) 
- Roll/sandwich/wrap + protein + vegetables 
- Pasta 
- Salad + protein 
- Hummus + pita + vege sticks 
- Fruit/fruit salad/fruit platter 
- Vege sticks + hummus
- Muesli bar
- Mixed nuts + dried fruit 
- Dark chocolate 
- Popcorn 
- vita-weak crackers
- Slices of cheese 

Stay hydrated you can't function properly without water, you need to drink at least 2 bottles a day, I possibly drink a bottle a class - possibly because i'm sicks. A nice thing to add to your water if you're not so fond of drinking a lot of it is a fresh squeeze of lemon or lime.

I don't know about you, but I can't sit down for 5 hours and do solid study, I have to get up and move around for a bit. Either put on some very loud music and do a bit of dancing around the house, go to the gym, do some yoga inside or outside, go for a run or walk, just do something other than study a few minutes or even an hour. This will refresh you a little bit and allow you to stretch your limbs, making it easier to get into the next task - I would suggest not watching TV or a movie because you may just get drawn in and not feel like continuing to study.

If you come across something you have no idea about or are unsure of, don't just sit there or leave it, go ask or email your teacher and continue asking until you finally understand, because I bet that thing will come up in the exam/test? Friends are also good to ask, and if you're asked, do your best to answer because it will also help you thorough your understanding

Stay Positive  
Panicing and having a nervous break down is not the best option, if you're very stressed, are drowning in your study or are very confused, you need to take a deep breath, get some fresh air and either look at it again or get help. If you think you're going to fail or you're not going to get it, you most probably won't, so stay positive and as cheesy as it is, believe in yourself.

So there are some study tips, I'm sorry I haven't posted a lot but i've been incredibly busy, I still have an April favorites to post! But if any one is stressed or is lost, or just needs someone to talk to, you can always email my, it's confidential if you want, just type 'confidential' in the subject bar 

Happy studying!

- Soph x

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