Thursday, 17 April 2014

Paris I'm In Love

After the 10 hour flight to Singapore, then the 5 hour wait at Singapore then the 13 hour flight from hell, traveling up and down about 100 sets of stairs in the Metro. We arrived in Paris. 

I was overwhelmed. The old, white, stone buildings with curling black iron railings and flowers mainly red, purple or pink hanging off some. 

The fashion. Paris is a fashion capital of the world and I most certainly saw that today. People all had their own style, unique. And oh me oh my all the shops! I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

The food. Yes. Small little boulangeries (bakeries) and patisseries (pastry shops) with row upon row of delicious treats. Caf├ęs, with lots of little tables outside, people smoking and drinking coffee and writing. There were about 10 crepe stores per street. 

But the best part of Paris, is the atmosphere. I fell in love with the atmosphere. 

The way the air is crisp and cool. How there is a everlasting buzz. The singers and performers on the streets. Friends walkin holding shopping bags and chatting. The fresh, shiny fruit. The flower shops, displaying brightly colored flowers, beautiful. The trees, growing besides buildings and standing throughout every street. 

I want to live here.
Paris I'm in love. 

I feel very at home in Paris, even though in so far away. The fashion and the food, coffee, writing, I can purely picture myself sitting in in France, in a cafe, with a coffee and my journal. I feel comfortable here, even though I have to wear sneakers, I'm in somewhere I know I want to be. It's nice to get out for a while. 

- Soph x 

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