Friday, 22 November 2013

31 ~ Facts About Me

1. I am from New Zealand
2. I am currently in year 10
3. I have danced for 8 years, i do Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary
4. My favorite color is orange
5. My celebrity crushes are, Harry Styles, Leonardo Dicaprio,
Austin Butler and Jamie Campbell Bower
6. There are around 5 people which i fully trust
7. My favorite foods are tacos and churros and i love ginger beer
8. In the future i want to do something with journalism/blogging,
mainly in fashion/beauty/food
9. I am 5.10 1/2 ft tall and i'm 14, so very tall
10. I have a younger sister
11. My middle name is rose
12. I have a birthmark on my arm
13. My idol is Miranda Kerr
14. Giraffes and Zebras are my favorite animals
15. I have a scar on my right heel because i stood in a hole and the beach,
and it was full of oyster shells
16. I love fashion and when i was around 8-10 i had clothes from France and
other places around Europe
17. I have a sock tan which i've just noticed
18. I love to write
19. I day dream way too much
20. i am quite quiet and shy but once i know you well, i will never shut up
21. I rarely ever smiled as a baby, i always used to pout
22. My favorite physical attributes on myself are my lips and my lower legs
23. I don't like swimming in the ocean unless i can see whats beneath me
24. I am a bit of a romantic
25. My eyes are really green when i cry
26. I am quite sensitive
27. I have a nokia because i am not trusted with apple devices,
after a few accidents....
28. I am a model but i want to change agencies and hopefully try to do more of it
29. I love to talk
30. I am really temperature sensetive
31. I am probably the clumsiest person ever

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