Thursday, 7 August 2014

Perfect Eyeliner

One who has mastered the skill of perfecting ones eyeliner has mastered a small part of the art of control. A black line running along ones lashes, how hard could such a seemly simple task be? You unscrew the top of the liquid liner and place the fine brush against the corner of your inner eye, you steadily but somewhat shakily move your hand along your lash line but the process is not yet complete, oh no. Holding your liner like a pencil you draw a somewhat straight line at the end of your eye and draw another creating a triangular like shape known as a flick. If only it was the end, but wait we own two eyes? It's like your eyes have been painted onto a canvas and the artists final touch is this line, both eyes have to be identical. 

I have been applying eyeliner for about three years and only recently have I fully begun to master the art of this. So I am going to help you perfect this rare skill

1. Find the right eyeliner
You have to like it, it has to feel right and secure within your hand. You also have to find the right colour - i'm talking black or brown, I have a brown one because it's slightly more subtle and works well with green eyes. I use liquid colour stay in brown by Revlon

2. Get a position
In order to maintain a steady hand you need to begin the the correct positon, I hold my brush in my right hand and I hold it like a pencil

3. Getting the line
Begin in about the middle of your lash line and steadily draw a thin line, as you get more confident you can draw it thicker faster. Continue this line up until the end of the lash line, go back over this line adding as much thickness as you want

4. Adding a flick
The hardest part of the process, get out your makeup remover because I can guarantee you will make a few mistakes. First you want to draw a straight line outwards from the end of your lash line, the angle of the line depends on the look you're going for along with the length. once this line is drawn, draw another from the lash line so it means with the first line creating a thin triangular like shape. You can make this as thick or curved or straight as you want 

That is the base of painting ones eye, of course no artist completes a masterpiece on their first go, practice makes perfect. I'm tossing doing videos? Would people watch them or should I just keep it as a blog? I hope this helped you lovely artists.

Source: Tumblr

- Soph x

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