Saturday, 12 October 2013


This was officially the best night of my life. Lucy and I had waited a year for this and it was totally worth the wait. Lucy and I were in 10th row from the front and next to us on our left was the platform/runway they came out on from the stage and we were right next to it, like our seats were the ones next to it. I touched Louis hand and I also touched liams but he sort of squeezed/held/grabbed it. Zayn looked at me and Lucy and did an "omg gasp" face and we did one back. And then Niall was on the runway thing talking and the lights were up and I turned around and looked at harry, he was sitting on the side of the stage and he was looking at me and we just sort of looked at each other for a bit and then we both started smiling and then we grinned and then i turned around.I also made eye contact with all the boys especially louis and liam and zayn. 

This isn't zoomed, this is how close we were to the runway thing

Hazza came so close 

Liam waved at us 

Louis looked at me and was so close 


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